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Life was good! Very good! Professional footballer, beautiful children nice house nice cars, but behind all that I was dying. I didn’t no what was wrong with me. Panic attacks daily, not sleeping, drinking, using drugs just to suppress the thoughts in my mind. I didn’t want to live anymore, not in the pain that I had in my mind and my heart. I felt alone, like I was a burden to my friends and family. Trying to hold down a job support my children and be a good person was all I tried to do yet all I seemed to be doing is failing. I have suffered with anxiety, depression and addiction for 5 years. It’s cost me, jobs, houses relationships and ultimately my happiness up until I could no longer live with myself doing nothing. I wasn’t living I was just surviving and my children deserve more than that. In January 2019 I checked myself into rehab. After years of pretending I was OK I finally gave in and accepted my illness. I am now happy and have learnt that it’s OK not to be OK and that I can help other people by sharing my story. This illness will never go and has left scars inside me that will never ever leave, but I wear them with pride and see how far I have come and what I live with daily. It’s never easy but by talking and sharing my story I am able to help myself and others overcome this disease.

Casey is a close friend of ours at The Mind Over Matter Foundation.

Around 4 years ago Casey lost his close friend, Eddie Caulfield, to suicide. 

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Mind Over Matter Casey Marshall
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With being diagnosed with Dyspraxia from birth, the challenges I have faced mentally and physically have been a real test.

I have been to the very lowest which there was no way out. My aim now in life is to coach and guide people not only through sport but through general daily lifestyles and mental health awareness.

This comes in to play with my football coaching career which has taken me all over the globe from working on a patch of grass within a council estate to living in the US, Mexico and working in professional club academies.

Not only coaching young males and females, ages from 4 to adults but also having an amazing experience with special needs participants.

I am currently studying a Bachelor’s PE and Sports Coaching to continue with my coaching career with my already qualifications of FA level 1 and 2 with Level 3 in Emergency first aid at work.

I personally want more and more people to realise that there is a light at the tunnel and that it is OK not to be OK. Getting out of bed is the first major step forward as you’re already becoming more positive mentally and physically. You are here for a reason.

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