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The Mind Over Matter Team - Raising Mental Health Awareness

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Billy Whitehouse


Mind Over Matter mental health awareness Aaron Bushby

Aaron Busby

Graphic Design

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Ryan Matthews

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Mind Over Matter for me is huge not just on a personal level but as a community driven ever changing idea focused solely on breaking the stigma surrounding mental health in local communities and in the future a wider spread hopefully county wide area. 
On a personal level mental health and the struggles surrounding it have been a big part of my life for the best part of half a decade, I’ll be honest i never truly understood mental health or the issues and different causes, means and effects until my early 20’s when i myself suffered very severely from the destructive power of my own mind and witnessed a total collapse of my personality character and drive.
This is the driving force behind why myself and Billy created Mind Over Matter as a way for everyday working people to have a way out and be surrounded by people just like them with everyday problems and struggles who are then encouraged to speak out to avoid the worst possible scenario. 
The Statistics for suicide in the UK are astonishing and although we can’t save everyone and we cant reach everyone, we’ll try and help those that we can reach. Breaking the stigma one person at a time. 
Because everyone’s mind matters.
Mind Over Matter
Mind Over Matter Billy Whitehouse

From my personal point of view I have seen the highs and lows of being a professional footballer and been at the lowest of the low.

Mental health awareness is something I’m hugely passionate about not just on a personal level but seeing family members and close friends struggle on a day to day basis and to give people a platform to open up and talk and to unite people to work for a better tomorrow.

I believe that The Mind Over Matter foundation is the perfect platform to help people over come their mental health issues by joining the MOM Community.


I became aware of The Mind Over Matter Foundation during the first couple of months of it’s emergence. I knew Luke from playing football in the local Sunday league teams.

I have struggled in the past with mental health, which stemmed from a Gambling addiction. I used to laugh off the stupid amounts of money that i was wasting and how much debt was building up. It became a bit of a running joke within my friend circle, but the truth is, I was in a really dark place and I couldn’t muster up the courage to speak to anyone about it.

When I saw what Luke and Billy were doing with the foundation, I wanted to be involved. I had been learning website design in my free time for around 12 months and offered to build The Mind Over Matter Foundation’s website as a free donation. 

Mind Over Matter is a fantastic cause and i am proud to be associated with this foundation and this cracking set of lads.

Although i still have some dark days, i think my gambling addiction is now behind me and the best thing I ever did was opening my mouth and talking about my issues. I felt the whole weight of the world lift from my shoulders.

No matter who you are and what problems you are dealing with, open up to those who are close. Grab a beer with your mate and chat. You won’t regret it.

Mind Over Matter mental health awareness Aaron Bushby

Like many young lads I always wanted to be a professional footballer I got close going through the ranks at Doncaster Rovers but fell short at the last hurdle, for me that has been the lowest point in my life as I never imagined myself doing anything else.

After football it was like trying to rebuild your life again in which resulted in a massive mental meltdown for me. Not knowing what to do now or what path to follow, But after a few years I eventually managed to turn it round in which has resulted in me moving away from my home town and starting a fresh in Leicester.

I’m really proud to be affiliated with Mind Over Matter because it can help people move in the right direction and help to raise mental health awareness. I wish a few years ago something like this was about, but it’s only of recent that mental health seems to be getting the coverage it deserves. I hope we can make a difference to many people in the future.

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Mind Over Matter Mental Health Awareness Foundation
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